Thursday, July 12, 2012

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Something big happened today. Well, at least something that I've been dreading since Bruno was born. We ventured out, not in the car, but on our feet and wheels, respectively. The weather cooled down considerably yesterday, so I knew that today might be the day when I had to experiment with taking both boys outside. I even imagined it all out in my head last night, thinking, "It won't be so bad... I'll take Seb to his 2 year well-checkup at 8, and then we'll come home and just do it!" And you know, somehow, it wasn't so bad. Of course, I have Seb to thank for it. He must have sensed that today was the day because he randomly pulled his rain boots on, went to the door, and announced his departure. Of course, he couldn't unlock or open the door, but his determined "bye bye!" got me moving. I ran around like a crazy woman trying to get all the things I needed to load the stroller down with, but it happened, and I didn't mind so much.

Mothers of two or more, I hold you in high esteem.

Of course our walk lasted all of 25 minutes, but Seb was happy, and before we knew it, we were snuggled again on the couch watching Pooh. Ooohhhh our consumption of Pooh is out of control right now.

Next challenge: Grocery shopping. Getting this baby weight off might not be so hard if I keep up my avoidance of the grocery store...

And eventually, start Pooh detox. Eventually.


  1. As a mother of one, I have no idea how mothers of two do it. I have all kinds of respect for you all.

    1. i thought/think the same thing. i'm so glad God gives us the grace to thrive no matter how many kids we have. but man, two is hard, but one is just as hard at the beginning i think. keep up the good work with baby harry!

  2. What is this Pooh detox of which you speak? I am suspicious...

    On a more serious note, I love Bruno's little baby legs sticking out of his blankie. So sweet.