Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Inspiration | Fresh faced

I've always been a huge fan of natural, barely-there-but-totally-there makeup (like this), but I find it hard to pull off as a brunette. You lucky blond bombshells, you. I've been talking with my sister about it—one of the lucky bb's—and she thinks the key is a darker eye. She's been right in all areas related to style and makeup since I can remember, so I'm going with it. So since I'm running very low on eyeshadow, I'm keeping my eye open for looks along this vein that I would like to replicate. I'm thinking a taupe smoky eye that can be light or dark for day or nighttime looks. Something like the Naked2 palette, perhaps.  What's your eye look?

Images | Left, Right (love this cake!)

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