Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Nightstand | VOLUME THREE

Who am I kidding? All I can be credited for reading lately are blogs and kids books. And since I'm pretty sure the best analogy for my life right now is a circus, here is one of my newest favorite books: Ella by Bill Peet.

A good read, to be sure.

It's all about a spoiled circus elephant named Ella, who decides that she is too much of a star to be a part of the circus, and so hides while everyone boards the train and leaves. Well this turned out to be a very bad idea, as you can well imagine, so she attempts to chase down the train. Her plan fails and she finds herself on the farm of one grumpy old farmer named Lucifer Kirk. He works the spoil out of her, and she learns that working hard is really a very good thing, especially when you're doing it for those you love. It's full of fun farm animals, crazy attempted escapes, a good moral, and a big top. What more could you ask for? Rhyming text, you say? Charming illustrations? This is the book for you, er, your little one, I mean.


  1. I think I had that book when I was little! I forgot about it. And I just had our sons first birthday as a circus theme

    1. what an adorable birthday party for your son! such sweet little details. : )