Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Husband | Olympian in his own right

It may not seem very super to most that Cody spent the majority of our time in Hillsdale snuggled on the couch with one of our babies, but oh let me tell you, he deserves a medal. I can see it now: "Superdads," the newest Olympic sport. To qualify for the event, dads must display exceptional selflessness, mad diaper changing and baby chasing skills, as well as magic heartbeats. All weekend, Cody was shooing me out of the house to spend time with my long lost friends. He knew how desperately I needed that time and those people, so when I said, "Cody, I'm so sorry you've been on constant baby duty while I've been out with friends," he said, "Mary, it's vacation!" To which I responded, "Yes, but it's your vacation, too!" And then he goes and says the most attractive thing a man can say, I think: "Mary... spending time with my sons is a vacation."

Oh yes he did.

Give this boy the gold.


  1. I think you never quite realize how awesome your husband is until you have a baby. And then you're like "God, I'm glad I married you and no one else..."

  2. This made me a tear up a little! Cody is definitely a champion dad :)