Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Seb | Suspenders: Cute & Functional

Something happens when your cloth diapered baby wears disposable diapers... he drops his drawers—that's what. 

Seb's 2T pants are pretty snug with cloth, but fall to his ankles in disposable diapers, something which happened at the wedding this weekend when he quite literally danced out of his pants (thank you, Karen, for the description in your e-mail).

People assume we're making a fashion statement with our kiddo, but really, we're just trying to keep him decent. But I'll admit... it's cute, too.

These are the one's Seb is sporting. You can also find some cute and colorful ones here.


  1. Easily my favorite moment of the entire weekend. Wedding magic.

    Hannah and I also had a conversation in which I commented "I bet Cody did that same thing when he was Seb's age" and Hannah replied "I bet Cody did that same thing, like, two years ago."