Monday, September 3, 2012

Food | Biscotti

I love this Small Batch Butterscotch Biscotti recipe. It makes a lovely, small portion, but can easily be doubled, tripled, whatever, to make more. (I doubled this batch in the photo). I also love it because it calls for whole wheat and tastes great, or you can use a combination of all-purpose and ww flours... I've found it makes no difference. I've also enjoyed making any number of substitutions. This batch was made with semi-sweet chocolate chips. I almost threw some instant coffee in there, but I wanted Seb and Cody to be able to enjoy it this time. (I know, how selfless of me, right?).

I'm thinking of next trying to make a more tea-drinker friendly biscotti. Specifically something that will better accompany fruit teas. Cody's favorite is Tazo's Orange Blossom tea, and I think an Orange Almond Biscotti would taste fantastic.

P.S. Don't be afraid to try this if you've never made biscotti. It's so easy.

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