Monday, September 3, 2012

Brothers | What Bruno (at 2.5 mo.) Wore, Vol. I

You may be a little confused by the title of this post. I intended to snap a few pics of Bruno looking cute in his outfit yesterday, but Seb jumped in, too. I didn't mind because it's so adorable when he wants to be in pictures with Bruno, or pays any kind of attention to him (there have been lots of kisses around here!). Plus, it resulted in some seriously adorable shots of my dynamic duo.

About the outfit... shoes are Teva, found at a consignment sale; pants are from Walmart; Gap onesie was from my mom. In thinking about this outfit, and why I loved it so much, I thought of a great tip when buying children's clothing. I've had a terrible time trying to match outfits for Bruno, even though we have quite an array of items to choose from. It seems that the colors just don't work together unless it's a set, and quite honestly, I'm not so into sets, unless they have mixing and matching potential. The blues, though all baby blue, are in various shades that just look silly when they're paired together, so the things I find myself using most often in Bruno's outfits are usually more simple, earth-toned colors. They are so much easier to mix and match, and far less of a headache. So if you're like me, and hate seeing a onesie or pair of pants worn only once, use the same principle you would use for your own wardrobe, when you're shopping for baby clothes. Buy things that have lots of mixing and matching potential. Of course, there is always the exception to that rule, because sometimes babies just need a little something crazy and cute to wear. (Oh, and so do you.)

See what Seb wears.


  1. Totally with you on earth tones, as well as GRAY! It's classy and gentle, and its not as difficult as yellow. Not sure why yellow is difficult, but it certainly is sometimes.