Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Mama | Long days

I can't really tell you how tired I've been. Every day I wonder how I'm going to make it to the end with my brain still intact. Sure, I'm probably just a ninny, but regardless, days are hard for this ninny. Seb's nap went from 3 hours to 0 hours, and I'm feeling it. Fortunately, and by the grace of God, Bruno is napping in his crib for solid chunks of time, and with not too much fuss. This afternoon the three of us went on what I'm officially going to call a "survival walk"—the first of many, I'm sure. You should have seen me... 16 lbs. of baby strapped to my front, and 30 lbs. of baby in the stroller. Did I mention it feels like the rainforest in N.C. right now? Well, I'm not complaining. I do far too much of that. I really came on here to share with you the way this long day ended:

Two sleeping babies
Husband home safely
Grandaddy's homemade red plum wine
Lit candle and fresh sunflowers on the table
Tired bodies and full hearts

Thanking God for these long, hard days. He is the one who sees us through.

Psalm 143: 5 & 10-11
"... I meditate on all your doings; I muse on the work of your hands.
Let your good spirit lead me on level ground. For the sake of your name, Oh Lord, revive me."


  1. Wait. 16 lbs? Bruno & Lu weigh the same?

    1. hahaha! well i guess they do! you know, 2.5 months vs. 11.5 months... not really THAT big of a difference! but yea, my knees have been hurting. MY KNEES! i feel like an old lady. or a really cool ex-athlete. i'll go with the athlete story.

  2. God is the one that sees us through, and I find myself clinging to that more and more these daysa of blessed exhaustion.

    Though I am sure you have a few things to say to us first time moms about exhaustion!! No naps?? Craziness...

  3. This is beautiful. And real. It is beautifully real.