Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Home | Bekah visits and all is well

first things first: lots of crazy antics, and "jump all over bekah!"

Duke Gardens photo-op and Seb lounging on Bekah's luggage

"your finger will be mine." & scary is obviously funny in baby world.

We hadn't seen family since our big trip in August, so we were much overdue for a familiar face. Somehow Bekah always manages to buy a ticket to come see us even when it seems that she won't be able to get the time off work. I can't express how thankful I am that she goes to such great expense to visit us. We lived minutes from her in Hillsdale, and it kills me that it's an 11 hour drive or hundreds of dollars in plane tickets between North Carolina and Michigan. 

She arrived late Thursday night and left early Sunday morning, but it felt like a full visit while she was here. It was fun to have another girl in the house, and another "mom" to play with Seb and hold Bruno. She also has this amazing ability, unlike anyone else I know, to make me feel like something other than a mom. We went to the mall with Bruno and we had fun perusing the Anthropologie, Madewell and J.Crew stores. We even shopped at Sephora for punchy J.Crew model lipstick! I'm pretty sure I'm going to go back sometime this week to buy the one we picked out for me. Bekah's choice is this gorgeous burnt/peachy/brownish/redish (how obvious is it that I have no idea how to describe this lipstick?) that looks both vibrant, but surprisingly subtle, i.e. work appropriate. We also made red velvet brownies and made/bought/ate a selection of about 50 other desserts, and duly counteracted this dessert-fest of a weekend with wraps for our lunches (no, not exercise. sheesh. who do you think we are?).

One thing is certain: when she visits, living in the midwest again never looks so good.

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  1. Mary, clearly I love reading your blog. It is something I look forward to!

    I LOVE auntie Bekah! She makes the best faces/sounds when she is with your sweet boys. And I agree that she is the best person to go shopping with/try makeup with/love fashion with.

    I hope that you and your three men have a wonderful day! I so wish I could watch a musical with you. Evan isn't really into them...haha. :)