Monday, October 22, 2012

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Somehow it seems that we've been so busy with so much nothing. Really, I can't tell you one significant thing I did last week. Hold the phones yes I can. I passed my driver's test and got a North Carolina license! I had to actually study for this test, and then, they had the nerve to put me on the hot seat and ask if I wanted the Wright Brother's plane, the State Seal, the outline of N.C., or some other thing that I now forget printed on my new license. Don't these people know that a decision like that takes time!? In the end I chose the state outline, because although the Wright brothers are the bomb, everyone knows—or at least they should—that they actually are Ohio people, and just because their first plane took flight in North Carolina does not give North Carolina the right to say they were "first in flight." As Cody put it, "Really all North Carolina can legitimately claim is that they have a windy state, perfect for testing the first airplanes." Growing up, I always thought North Carolina a little arrogant.

Anyway, so that was a big deal, and now I can think about how N.C. has a cool shape every time I go to buy some red wine (which should happen more often) rather than get a little annoyed at this state's favorite claim to fame.

And now to the real news around here... Seb has this sudden ability to count to nine! Yes, nine. Until Saturday, the highest we had ever heard him count to was three. And now he can count to ten! There's a genius in there, guys.

Speaking of geniuses... Bruno thinks that when I'm holding him in my lap and texting,  he can't help but do a nose dive for my phone. He's getting very good at that hand-eye coordination. He's also grabbing my hair these days, but I don't care because I'm just relieved my hair is finally long enough to grab!! And his thighs... they're impressive. I love my little meatball genius.

P.S. My friend, LeAnn, made those rings you see Bruno playing with and they are my go-to toy for him. They have the softest, loveliest rattle inside and are perfect for entertaining him at church. Thanks, LeAnn!

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