Saturday, October 6, 2012

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Look at these guys! This picture was taken after an all-out tickle attack, which Seb loves. These days I hear him say, "Kickles 'gin? Kickles 'gin?" quite often.

And don't let Bruno fool you... he's not completely bald yet. He's keeping some nice fringe in the back, just to spice things up a bit. I'll really be kind of sad to see it go as it's the last remnant of his newborn hair. 

Goodness, I love seeing all their new things and they way they're growing into the men they're supposed to be, but I also just wish I could freeze time. So much. Seb stumbled out of his room tonight after he'd already gone to bed, and fallen asleep, and said, "Wo-wo?" Which means harmonica, obviously. He wanted to take his wo-wo to bed with him, so it joined him, his blanket, his pacifier, his soccer ball and football, his Boppy pillow, and his snuffles bear named Blueberry. Oh, and a few books, too. We're going to have to get him a bigger bed!

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