Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Seb | "Paint!"

Watch out! Seb's got the camera! 

The only art medium Seb loves more than paint (or at least equal to it) is markers, and even washable ones create a little too much chaos and destruction at this point. So paint it is. Right now we're working on learning the order that goes with painting, meaning, "Dip your brush in the water. Okay, now rub it in the color you want... and now put it on the paper!" He likes the results, but when left to his own devices for a while he finds the method of loading his brush with paint, washing the paint off, and then painting with muddy water much more to his liking.

Today he was excited to paint circles, a triangle, and numbers. Soon we will start some fall themed paintings!

showing off his circles before we cut them out / showing me his "teeth" / artsy shot of those dreamy eyes / Mama! Not only is Seb a painter, but he's an aspiring photographer. I was trying to ham it up for him, and apparently with great success! / messy hands / there are those teeth! / more posing with the artwork & the raw quick oats with yogurt on top that he specifically requested for lunch / surveying the artwork during lunch / circles / numbers

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