Thursday, November 8, 2012

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This post was written on Friday, 1-2-12. Grandparent posts coming right up!

Things have been a bit unsteady for Seb lately. We've been battling colds, and his poor little spirit doesn't handle family coming and going very well. We assure him that mama and dada are staying with him, but it seems there's a little part of him that's not quite sure. So I've been sticking close this last week. Last night I ran upstairs to our neighbors for no more than 5 minutes and he waited on Cody's lap, so upset that I was gone. He half laughed, half cried, when I came back down. "Mama coming back!" was the relieved exclamation with which I was greeted.

But as exhausting as it's been, what with coughing myself to sleep nearly every night this week, and manning numerous nap and bedtimes by myself, I am so thankful that I chose to stay home with my boys. I often say that I'm fortunate enough, or blessed to be able to stay home with them, but I say it differently now because although those statements are certainly true, I also want to recognize that it's not always easy to be a stay at home mom. I sacrifice a lot to stay with them. We sacrifice a lot for me to stay at home. I'm sure you can relate. But as true as that is, man, the reward of being able to give everything to these little souls is so great. I wouldn't trade it.

This week, Bruno rolled over for the first time. He struggled might and mane to do it, but now he's a pro. On All Hallows Eve, I bounced Bruno to sleep in a candlelit room, while Sebastian rested on the couch,  not willing to go to sleep yet. It was a strange night, and completely out of routine for us, but I could tell that Seb really needed to just be for a little while, so we listened to the Winnie the Pooh soundtrack and rested in the dark.

Such sweet days with my boys—my boys who are growing much too fast. Today we found out that 4 mo. old Bruno is the average height and weight of a 6 mo. old. I love my big boy and my toddler to pieces.

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  1. Glad to see Bruno is following in Joey's...I mean MY... giant footsteps. My cousin's 9 month old is the size 4 month-old Joey, and probably you, too, Bruns!!