Thursday, November 8, 2012

Home | We love our family!!! — part one

Cody's parents visited two weekends ago, bringing with them a healthy dose of joy, what with Mamaw and her "Mary Poppins bag" that never seems to empty of fantastic treats and toys just perfect for Seb's inqusitive mind. PawPaw wrestled with Seb just like Cody does, and helped us "adults" buy new cell phones (THANK YOU!), and Mamaw and PawPaw both treated us to a fun morning at the Life and Science Museum (train ride included!) and lots of tasty food. Thanks for cooking, Mamaw!

It was such a treat and blessing for all of us. I'm not sure how I could have gotten through my cold without them, they were like a balm for Seb's little spirit, and although I'm not sure Cody got more work done than usual, it was certainly nice for him to have a change of pace. We can't wait for Thanksgiving!

Pictures from PawPaw's iPhone:

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