Friday, November 9, 2012

Home | We love our family!!! — part two

Yesterday was a sad day.

My mom and youngest sister, Joanna, left to go back home to Ohio. I think it was the best visit we've had with them here in N.C. I tend to get stressed by the throwing off of my routine and the extra clutter since we have such a small place, but this time I didn't think twice about all the suitcases, or the fact that Seb took his nap around 3 every day instead of his usual 12-1 p.m. It was so refreshing to have them here. Mom acts like everyone's mom, including Seb's and Bruno's, which is fine by me. She sometimes even slips for a second and refers to herself as "mama" when talking to Seb, haha! But this isn't surprising since she still has kids at home, even if her youngest is 14 now. In addition to all the babysitting, she did an epic amount of cleaning. I always try to get her to slow down when she's here, but she shows her love by helping, which means she must love us a lot. We have a clean shower, scoured sinks, clean floors, absolutely no laundry left to do (we should have counted how many loads she did... 20 maybe? I had no idea we had so many things to wash...), and she even stitched up the hole in Cody's favorite sweater. Add to that several outrageously delicious home cooked meals + homemade pumpkin spice lattes and desserts, compliments of Joanna, and you can get a fraction of an idea of how awesome our week was.

We missed you, Daddy/Papaw! You have to come see us for a whole week in January or February.

P.S. Joanna made this and it was amazing. It was like a giant butterscotch cinnamon roll.

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