Thursday, February 14, 2013

Home | Love is going to Target

Sometimes, when your list is small, shopping is really fun. Seb always requests to go into Target through the blue doors (favorite color? Maybe because it's the toy side...?), he loves to help carry mama's purse, and yesterday in particular he got so preoccupied with the toys that he said, "Mama 'n' Bwuno keep go'ning!" while he lay prostrate on the floor admiring a big rig carrying monster trucks. Much to his chagrin, I stayed put, but I did let him look at the toys a little while longer. Bruno didn't mind. Later, Seb picked out strawberries, and Bruno faithfully guarded the new sheets I found for $11.48. I mean, who would mess with this guy?!

This is what love looks like, mah friends. Happy Valentine's Day from us.

A note to AEH: you're the reason I didn't mind letting Seb look at the toys for so long. Miss you!

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  1. Fact: I will never, ever get tired of that Seb-cheesin. Or those Brun-cheeks. Wow.