Saturday, February 16, 2013

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So I started experiencing a twinge of mom guilt yesterday when Seb got a valentine card from my family, looked at the heart-covered envelope and said, "Vowndown's hawts!" After I figured out what he was saying, I realized that he certainly didn't learn anything about Valentine's Day from me. We essentially did nothing for Valentine's Day, and I didn't even mention it to Seb! Which is just atrocious because we all know that Valentine's Day is best experienced when you're a kid exchanging Bearenstain Bear Valentine cards. So naturally, I tried to remedy the situation by putting my best effort into making his lunch look like a heart, and then we made a welcome sign for PawPaw and Mamaw that displayed a heart that he got to draw himself. I'll admit, it still wasn't the best effort, but we did talk about it more, so that counts?

P.S. I love this post by a friend related to Valentine's Day. Give her your ideas! Obviously I'm not qualified to comment...

Seb thought it was his turn to take pictures...

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