Friday, March 15, 2013

Family | Spring Break II—Joseph arrives!

I can't even believe it, but my wonderwoman of a sister-in-law went into labor on Wednesday (the day we had all been hoping for!) when we arrived in Wilmington, and delivered baby Joseph at 1:19 a.m. on the fourteenth. Mom, Dad, Joanna and I went to the hospital around 11 p.m. to wait for his arrival, and heard his first cry. It was so fun and strange to be on the other end this time around—waiting, wondering, and you know, not having a baby! So I'm finally an aunt, and couldn't be more excited.

Welcome to the world little man!

So happy to have met you, Joseph!

P.S. Some photos by Joanna


  1. Love the family portrait at the bottom with Seb's face!

    CONGRATS to your family! Goodness, the Dell's certainly know how to have beautiful children. What a joy and blessing!

  2. You & your cute little family are so darling! I love that family pic, too!

    Congrats on becoming an aunt! It really is so fab!

  3. So weird . . . It seems like just yesterday that you were telling me your brother was getting married. And now you are an aunt! So wonderful. I love your glasses!!