Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Bruno | The 9th month brings teeth

At 9 months, Bruno is finally cutting his first teeth, and man am I not sorry he took so long to get around to it. It seems that when night rolls around, he can't handle going to sleep unless he's sitting in my lap. Of course, this means I get to work my way through Sabrina the Teenage Witch because I can't help loving Melissa Joan Hart. And lest you think it's all sunshine and couch cuddles when this guy is teething and hate me for it... last night we fell asleep between alternate crying, tummy rubbing, nursing, and other forms of pacifying. These are hard days, but I know they will be gone soon, and I won't remember them with anything less than wonder and wistful sighs. I so often can't believe that Seb was ever this little and helpless, and I certainly don't remember very well all the crankiness attached to his first teeth, either. So I'm taking this one day at a time, and soaking up every last drop of Bruno's gummy smiles.

P.S. Here's a sweet picture of Bruno and my daddy last week.

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