Sunday, April 21, 2013

Seb | The first virus

Our dear Sebastian is experiencing his first tussle with a stomach virus. I took this picture Friday afternoon, when I thought he was just feeling yucky because of his allergies, only to find out a couple hours later that it was the calm before the storm. Poor little man. We took him to the ER last night because he seemed so weak. It seems that it was unnecessary, but I talked to a nurse on the phone who suggested that we go, so we went, and we were there forever. But no surprise there. I do, however, have a peace of mind about this virus that I know I wouldn't have had if we hadn't gone. Now we're just eternally grateful that Cody's parents are in town for the time being and have been so helpful in keeping us clean, fed, and rested. 

But please pray for us. Pray that Sebastian heals quickly, that Bruno can escape this virus (and me and Cody, too), that we don't inadvertently pass it on to others, and that Cody can finish well in these last days of final papers and tests. We're almost there!

Praying that you and your family stay healthy amidst so much sickness.


  1. that picture is heartbreaking! and potty training in spite of it all! i'm impressed.

    let me know what we can do!!! of all the weeks for this to happen... so glad you have family around, but let us pick up where they leave off, please!

    1. remember... this was the calm BEFORE the storm, haha! so no potty training around here these days! maybe after all of this he'll be glad to go to the potty again. ; )

  2. I know that he is sick in that picture... but it is also impossibly cute. Not in the happy way, but in a that's-your-sweet-boy-who-needs-you way. And the lighting is perfect.; ) Hope he's feeling all better!