Sunday, May 19, 2013

Mama | I love my birthday way too much

It's gotten me in trouble many times, but I love my birthday a lot. I love everything about it. This means that I often have unrealistic expectations for how great it is going to be, and have to fight off disappointment at some point during the day. I recognize that this makes me a complete brat, but there you have it. It gets better every year, though, and this birthday was the best yet. Duh, the more my attitude surrounding my birthday matures, the better my birthday actually is... duh. duh. duh.

Anyway... my wonderful friend AEH, whom I haven't seen since August, arrived at our place on the 17th, so we brought my birthday in the right way and stayed up until 4 a.m. Later that morning we went to Monuts Donuts with her and the incredible, fabulous MMC and her trusty sidekick FFC. The donuts were great and the company was even better. I love these people. 

And can I just say that a husband who does positively everything for me, loves my birthday nearly as much as I do, and puts up with my ever-teetering emotions, has got to be the best.


  1. This whole thing makes me so happy. I LOVE YOUR BIRTHDAY TOO!

    1. i do not doubt for a minute that you played a huge part in how awesome it was. thanks for spending so much of the day with me!