Thursday, May 23, 2013

N & G's | What breakfast looks like here

We eat oatmeal for breakfast at home, but at Noni and Grandpa's, "Marshma'ow stars" is a big treat. Obviously...

We just completed phase I of our move—getting from Durham to Ohio—and to my parent's house specifically. We are renting a storage unit for a month, will move to Cody's parent's house for a few weeks, and then will come back to my parent's and will move into their barn apartment. I feel a bit like we stepped out of the whirlwind of moving into a different kind of whirlwind. We're taking it one day at a time, and enjoying spending this time with family. Mostly it feels like we're simply visiting our families like we often do, but then there is that recollection of what our apartment looked like as we left—empty, clean, bare. The home I remember isn't there anymore, and that's hard. But then, you know what? It is there. I can't help but think of our friends and neighbors who live below and above that now-empty apartment and still think of it as home sweet home. Thank you to all our friends for making Durham a place that we love.

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