Friday, July 5, 2013

A Taste of Durham

This Independence Day was nothing if not a reminder of our dependence—our dependence on friends and family, on our Lord and savior, and on the help of those around us. We are loving our summer. It’s been filled with amazing time spent with our families, and lots of treasured memories, but we’re also experiencing the pains of transition. We miss Cody’s daily, loving, fun, calming and supportive presence, and we still miss our Durham friends deeply, making it hard even to hold it together as a type this. 

Yesterday, Brian and Katie joined us in Ohio for a brief 24 hours, but it was marvelous to see them, and share the day with them. It was helpful, I think, for Sebastian to see Durham friends here at his new home, but it was also difficult for him to say goodbye. He now thinks that Brendan and Alissa and Miss Megan + family are going to come see him in a few days. Did you hear that guys? You don’t want to break a poor little 3-year-old’s heart, now do you? 

In short, we love you all and miss you. You have made our lives brilliant these past two years. You are in our hearts, and we look forward to meeting again. Here’s to everyone getting into the same PhD program!


  1. Wow...definitely teared up reading that! And YES, let's hope and pray we all end up together again!! The Christian academic world is a small one ;)

  2. I'm heartbroken right now -- we miss all of you so much! Tell Seb that we can't wait to see him again, either.