Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Art | Amy

This is the painting I bought at a Goodwill in Lebanon, Ohio, last week. I had no intention of looking at their art selection, but I glanced over and a woman was standing with this piece, contemplating a purchase, I think. I stood nonchalantly off to the side, waiting to see if she would take it or leave it. As soon as she put it down, and turned away, I tried to conceal my excitement, and seriously consider if this was a smart purchase. But even though I tried to tell myself not to buy it (because I'm trying to acquire only things that I truly love) there was something about it that I couldn't pass up. It strikes me that Amy was an independent lady, but also with an overwhelming kindness to her. I think maybe she was a gardener, too, who had impeccable taste and who never tried in the least to attain to any particular standards of style other than her own, and to those she held to fiercely. Her hat, crisp white shirt, and the colors used by the artist to depict her are striking in all the right ways. I think it’s a perfect weave of openness of expression and determination.

Is this good art? I have no idea, but I love it, and that’s good enough for me. I think Amy would approve.

P.S. Speaking of art, the embroidery done by this Japanese artist is breathtaking. Have you come across any amazing art lately? Or perhaps you have a favorite piece in your home?

Painting by Gary Anthony

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