Friday, August 30, 2013

Deutschland: Die ersten Tage

We made it to Germany! Both kids were angels during our trip and slept the entirety of our nearly 9 hour flight from Chicago to Copenhagen. One of the flight attendants talked with us after we got off the plane and said in his lovely Danish accent, “Sometimes they sleep, and sometimes they don’t. You are very fortunate.” Yes we were.

When we arrived in Stuttgart, one of our gate checked bags had been lost, but fortunately it wasn’t our stroller or travel crib, and it arrived promptly at our apartment the next day. We also had the wonderful advantage of Cody’s parents arriving in Stuttgart earlier that morning. I can’t tell you how amazing it was to have them meet us at the airport. They had already been to Reutlingen, found the seminary, and seen our room. They found a nearby grocery store, with the help of a sweet seminary student, and put some food in our fridge. So when they met us at the airport, they already knew exactly what bus to take and at what time, and we were on our way with ease. Wow, let me tell you. Having them here has made all the difference.

Jet lag has been rough, and it’s taken a concentrated effort on the part of all of us to get the kids back on schedule. Bruno is still waking up a couple hours after we put him to bed at night, thinking it’s time for supper or something like that, but last night it was much less extreme so I’m hoping that tonight will be a little more normal. 

Our apartment is little and cute, though still a bit sterile. I’m eagerly looking forward to getting some rugs to make our mauve-colored linoleum floor a bit more homey. The kitchen is quite possibly the tiniest I’ve ever seen, which is a bit of a bummer since I cook a lot. Our bed is also hilarious... an old futon that tips on my side if you sit too close to the edge. 

All in all we’re doing well, and adjusting to life here. We went to the Volkspark yesterday, which is this amazing, huge, and lovely park extremely close to our apartment. The playground is really beautiful, with a water system the kids can play with, a climbing wall, and a digger. This park also gave me my first successful conversation—in German!— with a grandmother who was babysitting her sweet 10 mo. old grandson. It was exactly the conversation I would have had with a mother or grandmother at a park in the U.S., and gave me a lot of confidence for future days.

Thank you so much for your prayers for us as we traveled and adjust to life here. We miss you all, so come visit!

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  1. I've been eagerly awaiting posts from Germany!!! My family moved us to Germany for awhile when I was just a little older than Seb, and it was awesome. Many of my very first memories are there... what place to start them!!! So excited to follow your adventures in Deustchland! (Did I even spell that right?)