Monday, February 10, 2014


"A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2014."

Last week brought more visitors, and a new hard drive for my computer. Both of which have brightened our lives. Cody just finished getting the new hard drive in, which is why 5/52 is showing up during 6/52. But I figure it's okay because it was due to technical difficulties + the portraits are from last week, so I didn't cheat or anything. 6/52 will show up in the next couple days.

We have experienced an extremely mild winter. More mild even than the North Carolina winters we're accustomed to, which has been quite a shock for us. However, what we've gained in warmth has been challenged by our high latitude and dark days. Suddenly, the light and clean Scandinavian decor makes so much sense, and it's not nearly as dark here as it is there. Fortunately, we've discovered the balm of walking, playing—being outdoors.

And now for the #1 secret of German parenting: Matschhosen (rain pants/mud pants). If you're interested in finding out how to get some in the U.S. I'll hook you up with some links. You'll here me talking of the sheer brilliance of Matschhosen many times over, I'm sure.

To the portraits:...

Sebastian | Exuberant. Joy-filled to overflowing. My teacher.

Bruno | His grin. Growing up so fast these days, and now that his verbal skills are improving, I love the addition he is to our daily conversations.


  1. The real question: can I get those cool Matschhosen in adult sizes???? Because I'm pretty sure I need them.

    1. hannah, i feel the same way... i'll let you know if i locate any. ; )

  2. I would love some links to find some for my boys!