Friday, April 4, 2014


"Joining Jodi's 52 Project with "A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2014."

Sebastian | I'll admit, I'm cheating just a wee bit including this shot of Seb from our trip to Paris last week. Tuesdays are my cut off day, and this portrait was taken on a Tuesday, so it still counts, right? Right. He was so excited to see "the tower" and was very disappointed that we couldn't go up into it. I love his blossoming sense of adventure. He regularly asks us if we can go someplace new. This is just the beginning, kid.

Bruno | He is stringing multiple words together at a time now, with lots of animated gesturing and funky noises thrown about in order to get his point across. Right now, as the weather has warmed up considerably and we have our wheels back, we are spending more time in the city again. We love this, and Bruno makes it a point to frequently beg to sit at a table, or bench and get something to eat. I love that he doesn't want anything extravagant—just a Brezel, and a spot to sit and people watch. These are some of the moments I will miss most about living in Germany. Somehow we'll figure out how to have similar ones in our next home.

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  1. Seb KILLS me in those primaries. Geez -- are you trying to rush our timeline for when to have kids??? Because if so it is totally working.