Saturday, May 10, 2014

Good shoes

MOTHER magazine recently launched, and so far it's my new favorite place to find an interesting article or new cool product. I love the simplicity in theme, and writing style, and particularly enjoy the spotlights on moms around the country. When Courtney Klein, creator of new basics maternity line Storq, was asked to describe her style, she said, "Classic and laid-back with emphasis on a good shoe." And I was like, um yes: "Emphasis on a good shoe." No matter where my personal style goes, I will forever tack that phrase onto the end of it.

At this point, my shoe collection is meager. It's not that I don't have a few nice shoes, it's just that many have decided to bite the dust simultaneously and there are a few proverbial holes in my shoe collection that render some of my clothes, particularly my dresses, somewhat useless. My Saltwaters will again be my trusty companions this summer, while another favorite, my Minnetonka moccasins, will likely be left behind in Germany because after 5 great years, the soles are falling apart. My EMU boots kept me warm all winter, and I'll be glad to get them out of storage next winter again, but my tall leather boots have decided to sag lower on one side than the other, and well, that won't do.

I am very thankful for the great shoes that I do have, and want to avoid excess, but there are certainly a few new pairs I'd like to add in the near future.  My "shoe plan" for this year is to add a pair of heels for the summer and low boots this fall.

Here are a few good shoes that are on my long and short list.
1// Sam Edelman ankle boot 2// Avarcas 3// Birkenstocks 4// Swedish Hasbeens 5// Loeffler Randall rain bootie 6// Beatrice Valenzuela Botines


  1. I own the Sam Edelman boots and I love them. Great quality. After a season of constant wear, they still look brand new!

  2. that's awesome! great to know, because i can never decide on what boots i want! thankfully i have the summer to search for the right pair, but i really love the look of the sam edelman ones. glad you've had such a great experience with them!