Friday, June 13, 2014

It's always a good Friday the 13th when it happens in June

I am so proud of this man. He is the most faithful and forgiving husband, and a remarkable father—somehow perfectly balancing discipline and wisdom with wild fun. Today carried with it sounds of Pettersson und Findus songs sung during the otherwise silent moments. It carried with it the unmistakable rhythm of a usual Friday, but was punctuated with moments of celebration, birthday kisses, and special foods. The boys presented Cody with homemade cards (a monkey in a tree holding a lollypop from Seb, and a snail from Bruno), and we had the most perfect picnic at the park. Seb usually picks the picnic spot, but Cody got to choose today since he was the birthday boy. I made Flammkuchen and the chocolate cake cody requested, and we mostly spent the whole time trying to convince Sebastian that we weren't going to eat the Geburtstagstorte until he ate a little lunch. I think he had one bite of Flammkuchen and then hungrily scarfed down that long-awaited slice of cake. Of course he was famished by that point! Never have I seen stubbornness like that of a child that doesn't want to eat something. How appropriate though, because he gets it straight from his daddy. Happy birthday, Cody Strecker! We love you to the moon and back. Every day is a picnic with you (sometimes literally).

P.S. The family photo above was the 3rd take, and Seb was bored silly waiting for the Geburtstagstorte of course.

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