Sunday, June 15, 2014

Schönberg Turm

happy father's day, my love!

davy crocket? daniel boone? no no. sebastian strecker. look out, folks!

watermelon lover

the little red circle shows you where we live!

hot coffee. sleeping baby on my back. watching my older two men cook some wurst [shown below].

schönberg turm from the meadow below. our hike was 3.6 miles. cody kept close track with his spiffy new GPS watch.

so thankful for this adventurous man who says, "hey. let's go see _____ today!"

Cody and I talk frequently about what this year has meant for us, but whenever I sit down to write even just a bit of what I'm feeling or thinking, I find it hard to do anything other than gush with love. I ache to spontaneously invite friends over for a cup of coffee, and have a deep conversation in English. I long to be nearer to our families. And life sure would be grand if I had all my baking pans and mixer. But I tell you what, our way of life in Germany doesn't want for much. The relationship between land and city... public transportation that can get you just about anywhere... parks within one arm's reach, while there are castles and trails and wide open fields and farmland within reach of the other arm... it's just grand. This place has been good to us and good for us, and I am so abundantly grateful to God for placing us here. I have so much to learn and so much need for growth, but I have seen God's faithfulness here. I am so thankful for my Germany.

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