Thursday, June 5, 2014

Links + a few photos

Quite literally just three photos from Wednesday morning with the boys. Quite ironic, really, the peace that the photos invoke. Wednesday was quite possibly the hardest day I've ever had as a mom. Hard in a whole host of respects. Praying for patience and wisdom.

These tips for highly sensitive parents has been a huge encouragement to me. Here I thought I just liked plants, but apparently they're essential for my well-being! I agree, and I'm okay with that. After sharing these tips with Cody, I said, "So that explains why multiple times a day I find myself looking at those three teeny plants on our counter and think to myself, 'oh that's so nice...'" Cody's response was, "I've never even noticed those plants before!"

Since home is my hub, my office, my resting place (and a teeny one, at that) I put a lot of thought into how that space can work better for me and my family. I love Jodi's simple suggestions for the kitchen, and am excited about her new series in which she'll share her tried and true simple tips and products for different spaces in the home.

I've long had problems keeping my face moisturized.  A couple weeks ago I bought a tube of this and now I'm like hey there happy face.

Also changing my life is Suzanne Bowen. I love this woman and her workouts. It's like the cheapest most effective gym memebership of my life. What are you waiting for!?

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