Saturday, June 7, 2014

Seb and Cody—Year 4

Cody's parents took a photo of each of their kids with my father-in-law right around every birthday. Hanging prominently in their home they have large picture frames with all the photos lined up. It was one of the first things I noticed when Cody and I started dating and I visited his parent's home, and I made a mental note to do that if I was ever blessed with children. It is so fun to look at, compare, and see how they changed over time.

Cody wasn't crazy about this background, so we might retake these portraits tomorrow, but at least we have some now. I was starting to get nervous that we would forget entirely!

And then a nice man offered to take a few pictures of the whole family! They turned out a bit out of focus, but I love them nonetheless. The kids were w i p e d from playing at the park earlier, though. Obviously they're not that into it. I was into it, though, because I was sporting my brand new shirt that arrived in the mail today from my mama! After I checked the mail I promptly went inside to change. I just love everything about this shirt. Thanks Mom and Dad!

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