Monday, May 16, 2011

Meet Flora Douville

I came across the blog Flora Douville's Adventures in Wonderland by way of Lena Corwin, and was tickled to not only see Flora's fabulous photographs, but the lovely prints she made in a recent workshop. She used Lena Corwin's Printing by Hand, a book that has been on my wishlist for ages. There is something so marvelous and thrilling about making your own patterns and printing them on various fabrics. I have a piece I made in college, and absolutely must make it a top priority to frame. It has been in storage much too long. Have you ever experimented with print or pattern making? If you aren't the crafting type, but love the look, check out Muny, Aden & Anais, and Giardino. Muny and Aden & Anais are for babies, but I totally want one for myself.

P.S. This woodcut is my favorite art we have in our home (and the frame!). It was my birthday present from husband last year.


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