Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Style | Color blocking: making more than just a splash in the fashion industry.

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I read today that there are, at most, two new trends that stick and transform the fashion industry each decade. I can tell you honestly that that is a fact I will remember every time I label something as "timeless" in an attempt to justify buying it. Unless it is time tested, it may not be around for very long. The same source seems to think that this decade's big trend-to-classic fashion idea is bright, unexpected color pairings, otherwise known as color blocking. What do you think? Although I've enjoyed the pops of color I've been seeing everywhere, I'll forever be hopelessly in love with neutrals.

And since we're on the style subject, here are a few things that I love. These shoes are everywhere, and I am in desperate need of new jeans. I've ripped holes in my last favorite pair. What's the best jean brand you've found?


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