Tuesday, August 30, 2011

North Carolina | Trails & Jogging Strollers

Since moving to Durham, our sidewalk walking days have been practically nonexistent. However, a friend told us about the Duke Forest trail, and we love it. I joke that when I take Seb there we're going on a hike—not a walk. It's 3 miles long, has some crazy hills, and although the terrain is pretty smooth, I have to wrestle with our Bumbleride Flite the whole way.

Although I'm sure it's a much better workout for me to not have a jogging stroller, I think I would be more inclined to take the trail (and maybe even run it?) if I had something that could take the terrain a little smoother. Do you have a jogging stroller? What brand? I have been looking at Craigslist and have found a couple that I think we might get. Both Baby Joggers, I think, and cheap cheap cheap. (Yesssss)

Right now, however, I'm daydreaming about this one. You can even get an adapter set that allows you to put an infant carseat in it. I'm all about the versatility.

Do you have trails you like to exercise on?

P.S. Running Mom



  1. I didn't know you have the Bumbleride Flite! That's at the top of my stroller list. Please do tell me everything about it. :)

  2. oh wendy! i wish we had shown it to you when you visited! if you find yourself in raleigh before baby comes, we'll show it to you. i've been fairly happy with it. it's gotten a few bangs, but so far has held up really well. the one thing that has happened to it that i don't think is a fault of our own is that the two places (one at the top and one at the bottom) where the stroller locks when it is in an open position, mysteriously stopped working. or at least partially. i need to look into it, though. bumbleride might fix it. other than that, we've loved it. it is very compact when folded, a quality which is perfect with a small apartment. oh and the basket underneath is really really small. i can just barely force my diaper bag in it. so if you're looking for one that has a larger space underneath, don't get this one. hope that helps!

  3. Mary,
    I had a whole group of moms and nannys tell me the other day all their opinions on jogging strollers - the one thing I really really want! the BOB brand seemed to be the favorite....and the most pricy :0( It's on the registry, although I may need a backup plan!

  4. kris, i too have heard that the BOB is the best. i've just avoided dreaming about it, haha. if you don't get it as a gift, try craigslist. i found one in our area for $199. it was still above our budget so we're going to get a $40 baby jogger, but it's really a great price for a stroller, and especially a BOB. good luck!