Monday, February 6, 2012

Home | In which we recover all day

Silly me. I thought that Seb would have his meltdown while I was gone at my women's retreat. But apparently it's not so traumatic when mommy leaves for the weekend until she gets back. As Cody said today in explanation, "A whole new world has been opened up to him, and he's realized that mommy can actually leave!" Or more than likely, it had absolutely nothing to do with me, and he's lamenting the fact that Mamaw and Pawpaw aren't here to play with anymore. Regardless, several wake up calls from the bub in the middle of the night + a final one at 6:50 a.m. left me a little exhausted this morning, especially since I, of course, had to stay up super late telling Cody all the details about my weekend. It's not my fault I couldn't get everything out earlier (I'm looking at you, Superbowl).

As a result, this picture is a pretty good description of how our day ended up. Sebbers did do a little something very nice for me and napped from 11:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. and then wanted to play in his crib until 5:00 p.m. Yes, I realize I just lost any amount of pity you may have been holding out for me.

Now I'm going to go off and finish preparing for bible study tomorrow morning, try to get rid of this pregnancy-induced heartburn (okay, maybe it was all the leftover pizza I ate, almost exclusively, today), and hope that Sebastian decides to fall asleep.

Would you be interested in hearing about the retreat I went on this weekend? There is so much to say, and it was really such a great weekend. I find myself going over my notes, and still wishing that all my friends could have been there, too. Shout out to the Uecker ladies for being the best roomies!


  1. Pray tell all, D-Rex! So glad you got to go! :) And that the Sebster has recovered. Hopefully he sleeps tonight after all his fab napping. (I'm jealous! :)

  2. hammie hammie! i've been thinking of you a lot lately. are you surviving? do you need me to send some booze or choco covered espresso beans? yes, both silly questions, i realize. love you!