Monday, March 12, 2012

Decor | Flora & Fauna Nursery Inspiration

I can't seem to get this nursery out of my head ever since I saw it this weekend on the boo and the boy. I love the intricate textiles + botanical feel . When I was young I worked for about five years (my first job) at a greenhouse, owned by family friends. I loved it there, and I'm pretty sure that those years gave me a love and desire for plants that I'll never get over, oh and a tremendous appreciation for the smell of wet dirt. That job combined with my mom's magical ways with flowers (and now my Mother-in-law's!) it seems that my place as a plant and flower lover is quite secure. I recently divulged to Cody that nothing that we possess makes me happier in our little apartment than my plants that are hardy enough to grow in our sun-deprived abode.

So now I'm trying to push around some ideas on how I can make a simple diy out of this idea of botanical prints for our nursery. Any and all ideas welcome!

P.S. A couple favorites via Etsy. One a little flora and one a little fauna.


  1. I love Hollander's - they're in Ann Arbor and they've been my go-to for pick-me-up accent papers and/or transient decorating whims! :) They have a lot more than is on their site, but some of the vintage papers we used in my nephews' nursery are on here. They're seriously incredibly colorful and many are pretty inexpensive. A $3.50 print in a frame - hello!?

    Miss you, and love your life! :)

  2. that site is the coolest! i am bookmarking it for sure. miss you so!