Thursday, March 1, 2012

Pregnant | DIY maternity shorts & 24 weeks

I am so excited to share my latest DIY with you, even though if I were selling this pair of shorts, they would be listed as "slightly imperfect," or something like that. Nonetheless, I am seriously pleased with them, and they only cost me a bit of time and elastic, as I already had a few pair of Cody's old jeans lying around! If your husbands old jeans don't correspond as nicely as mine with your size (yes, last night I did tell Cody that his hips are just like my pregnant hips, except all the time! We got a good laugh as I'm sure you can imagine) you can go to the thrift store and find a pair that works.

As I didn't have any elastic wider than one inch, which as it turns out is less than ideal for keeping up a pair of maternity pants, this pair is going to be a playground, chase-Seb-around pair, and then I am going to make a couple more once I get some 3 inch elastic.

Here is the tutorial that I referenced. If this one isn't clear enough to you, just do a google search. There are so many tutorials out there on this subject. This one looks good.

P.S. If you don't have access to a sewing machine, but have some pants or shorts you'd like to turn into maternity, check out Belly Jeans, an Etsy store that will take your regular jeans and convert them into maternity jeans!

Oh and I should probably say that once again, this lady was my inspiration. And hello, skirts as tops? What a good idea.