Wednesday, April 25, 2012

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While in Virginia, Mrs. B. took Em, L, Seb and me to a couple amazing thrift stores. The second one was new to all of us and was absolutely amazing. I totally splurged and bought these two pacifier clips, which were handmade by a local lady . How could I resist? Em got a sweet little Pinocchio one for L, which is just adorable. Seb is using the car one right now, and loves it, but when he saw that I had a pacifier for the baby—one that I had bought for him and he refused to use—he decided he wanted it, but he just chews on it because it's too small. What a kid. The last picture is of a burp cloth I made for the baby. I might eventually get around to practicing my quilting skills on it, which was the whole purpose of making it this way. Regardless, I just love it, and can't wait to use it!

We are all doing well around here even though Cody is swamped with paper writing.  Although last night when I told Seb it was time for his bath, he ran up to the bedroom where Cody was studying with the door shut, knocked several times and said, "Dada bath! Goba juwe u!" and then kept knocking until Cody came to the door. Cody, the usual bath-giver, explained to Seb that he didn't have time tonight, and then after a few minutes, went back into the bedroom and closed the door. As soon as the door closed, Seb looked at me and said, "nooo nooo nooo, bath!" I'm pretty sure Cody's heart was breaking.

As for me, I've gotten much more tired in these late weeks of pregnancy, which is making it very difficult to make good eating choices and, since sleeping isn't so fun anymore, I end up squandering Seb's nap time away, trying to get motivated to work out and do something productive, like oh, get ready for this baby! I just keep saying, "Okay, tomorrow." Maybe tomorrow will be better.

But we have been keeping busy, and in a good way, despite our weird schedule. Seb and I were able to attend my women's bible study again yesterday morning for the first time in weeks, which was really nice. Today is another story time at the library, and Thursday we're going strawberry picking! Saturday is the farmer's market, where Seb just loves to listen to the street musicians, and well, Friday? I'm sure we'll find something to do...

The best recent news is that Cody's new glasses finally shipped. I am entirely too excited for my own good, and can't wait to show you what ones he picked!

I hope you're having a lovely week.

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