Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Food | Basil and barley chicken soup

I'm a very experimental cook. I find it's less expensive to work that way—at least I think. I try to simply buy wholesome, delicious foods, and throw them together in whatever way I fancy. Every once in a while I hit upon something really delicious, and this was one such occasion.

You'll need...
Chicken broth
Chicken (optional)
Several handfuls of basil


A favorite soup seasoning. 
(I used a Cajun seasoning called Uncle Joe's made by a family friend. 
I'm sorry I'm not sure where you can get some unless you live in my hometown...) 

As with all of my recipes, they are endlessly customizable. Use whatever amounts seem good to you, and add more ingredients if you wish! I think carrots would be fantastic.


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