Monday, February 25, 2013

Seb | Tissue paper sun-catchers

All you need for this project is contact paper (find it with shelving liner at Target, Walmart, etc.) and tissue paper. I was hoping it would eat up a little more time than it did, but after meticulously placing individual pieces of tissue paper onto the sticky shapes, Seb took handfuls and piled them on—done! I took the front pieces and put them on the now tissue-covered shapes, and trimmed the edges. Seb helped me punch holes, cut some baker's twine, and string it through the holes. We then washed the window, because we couldn't very well hang them on a dirty one, now could we? And then Seb hung them just where he wanted with some tape.

I loved this because it was easy for the youngest toddler to participate in, with guaranteed beautiful results. These would be great to make and send to family far away. Let me know if you try it!

Original idea found at No Monsters in My Bed.

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