Saturday, June 29, 2013

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I have a lot of catching up to do on this poor neglected blog of mine, but since I despise blogging just to catch up (because I simply force myself to do it and write as little as possible, which always turns out poorly anyway) I’m going to share a bit about today, and yesterday.

The four of us went to the airport yesterday and only three of us came back. Cody jumped on a flight to Vermont, where he’ll stay for the next seven weeks. (How melodramatic do I sound right now?) Seven weeks is kind of long, but not really. It depends on who you ask I suppose. It seems long to me sometimes, and then short other times. Regardless, he'll be back, and then eleven definitely short days later, we'll move to Germany.

I am trying to work on things right now to prepare for our move to Germany, but also I’m attempting to enjoy these slow, peaceful days. After all, we did just move from North Carolina to Ohio! The boys and I are nestled in this heavily windowed, albeit tiny space mere yards from my childhood home. My only complaint is that the disc drive on my computer doesn’t work, which means I can’t watch horribly cheesy/girly movies in the evenings while I attempt to knit. Worse things have happened, I’m quite aware. So all in all, we’re taking it slow, and we're having loads of fun living near our families for a time. For Sebastian and Bruno, that means lots of time spent milking the cows and jumping on the trampoline. For me, that means, for today at least, a trip to Goodwill with my mom, two of my sisters, and the boys. They were have a 50% sale! My #1 treasured find will have to appear in another post, as it’s currently hanging in our bedroom where Sebastian is sound asleep.

Oh Sebastian, he misses his daddy. At breakfast, I asked him if he wanted to try to call daddy, to which he promptly responded, “I want to Facetime on daddy!” I am so thankful that we live during a time when this separation doesn’t mean my children can’t see their daddy, and talk with him, even though he’s miles away. 

What about Bruno, you ask. All you need to know about Bruno is that, at the ripe old age of one, he has red hair, is trying desperately to walk, and loves dogs and cats more than anyone I know. Oh this kid is a force, I tell you! I can't get enough of him.

As for Cody, if any of you would like to send him awesome doodles or pictures, since he can’t read, speak, or write anything but German starting tomorrow evening, let me know. I would be happy to pass his address along to you. 

Contact me at strecker dot me at gmail dot com.

P.S. Don'tcha love my knitting?? This is the beginnings of my first attempt at following a pattern. Methinks I need a longer needle? Also, calling all you lovely knitters: What are your favorite needles, patterns, yarns, etc.??

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